Royal Palm Academy believes that true education not only involves the acquisition of knowledge, but also the development and refinement of key intellectual abilities including analyzing, synthesizing, relating, and judging. We help each student to reach his or her full potential by nurturing the strengths, interests, and personalities of each student to help them achieve high academic standards. Delivering an advanced and challenging curriculum that is rich in content teaches effective study skills and habits and encourages critical thinking and reflection as well as logical order of thought and clarity of expression. Students also gain confidence and skills in public speaking and writing.

Technology supports learning objectives. Augmenting the curriculum is a strong initiation to a second language for all students, beginning in Pre-K.

We address a student’s strengths and weaknesses with personal attention. We encourage the discovery and pursuit of talents through instruction in a foreign language, art, music, physical education and technology. Working with parents, our teachers provide individualized instruction and direction.

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